Ongoing Support (Annual Condition Surveys)

If an Asbestos Management Survey or Refurbishment and Demolition Survey has identified the presence of asbestos your property, the Asbestos Management Plan produced by your surveyor may recommend as part of your ongoing support that you have a survey of its condition on a yearly basis.

Annual Condition Surveys are crucial for monitoring the presence asbestos on domestic, commercial and industrial premises, ensuring that it does not pose a threat to those who use or occupy the building. They also allow those in charge of the property to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the Asbestos Management Plan and make any necessary adjustments to fully comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations.

Asbestos only poses a threat once fibres are disturbed and released into the atmosphere. For this reason, it’s important that your Annual Condition Survey is carried out by a qualified surveyor. Alpha Surveys are accredited by the British Occupational Health Society to provide Annual Condition Surveys to commercial, industrial and domestic properties across London and Kent.

Do I need an Annual Condition Survey?

For non-domestic, commercial or industrial properties—such as apartment buildings, offices, warehouses or retail premises—the Annual Condition Survey is a regulatory requirement. The Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2012 stipulates that these materials must be re-inspected at least every 12 months, while materials that have been identified as high-risk may require more regular re-inspection.

However, if you are a homeowner whose property has been identified as having asbestos containing materials (ACMs), an Annual Condition Survey may also be recommended as part of your Asbestos Management Plan.

It is normal for both domestic and non-domestic properties to suffer a little wear and tear over time. This is particularly true of industrial and commercial properties, where operations are continually developing and being improved. The Annual Condition Survey helps ensure that buildings in which asbestos has been found are being managed in a way that is appropriate for the operations taking place, allowing homeowners and business owners alike to rest assured that the ACMs on their site are not posing a risk to anyone who uses it.

What happens during an annual condition survey?

During an Annual Condition Survey with Alpha Surveys, your accredited surveyor will conduct a full assessment of any previously identified ACM, including photographing and documenting them and making recommendations for its continued management. If materials are found to have deteriorated or been disturbed, the surveyor may advise that it be removed by a qualified asbestos contractor.

Alpha Surveys will ensure that your Asbestos Management Plan fully complies with all regulations, while making the Annual Condition Survey as hassle-free and non-disruptive as possible to the property’s daily operations.

Following the re-inspection a full, revised report or updated Asbestos Management Plan will be sent to the property owner or operator. This will detail the findings of the latest survey as well as recommendations.

If you have any questions relating to the Annual Condition Surveys and ongoing support provided by Alpha Surveys, or any of our other services in London and Kent, please get in touch and we will answer your queries as promptly and effectively as possible.

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