Ongoing Support

As part of our comprehensive range of asbestos management services, Alpha Surveys provide ongoing support for those whose domestic, commercial or industrial property has unfortunately been identified as being home to some Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s).

What are the regulations?

It’s worth noting that if a survey or inspection on your non-domestic, commercial or industrial premises has identified the presence of ACM, the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2012 stipulates that these materials need to be re-inspected once every 12 months as part of your regulatory responsibilities. Materials that have been identified as being particularly high-risk may need to be re-inspected even more regularly. (This also applies to apartment buildings)

Alpha Surveys is here to help you fully comply with these regulations, all while making the reinspection as hassle-free as possible so that your business operations can continue with little or no disruption. It’s vital that any asbestos on the premises remains undisturbed to avoid posing a risk, which is why this service should only ever be carried out by a qualified and accredited professional.

As commercial or industrial operations develop over time and the buildings in which they take place are subject to normal wear and tear, the annual re-inspection also allows you to make sure that the asbestos continues to be managed in a way that is appropriate for the operations taking place on the premises and to make adjustments to the Management Plan if necessary.

What happens?

During Alpha Surveys’ annual re-inspection service, the surveyor will photograph and document each previously identified ACM, conducting a full assessment and making recommendations for its continued management in line with the new findings. The surveyor may recommend that materials which are found to have deteriorated or been disturbed be removed by a qualified asbestos removal contractor.

Once the inspection process is complete, a revised report or updated Management Plan will be sent to the owner or operator of the premises containing the latest findings and recommendations.

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