Risk Management

Asbestos Risk Management

During a survey, an Asbestos Risk Assessment is carried out to assist in deciding the most appropriate action and in formulating a management plan. Initially, a Material Assessment is undertaken to assess the condition of the asbestos containing material and the risk it presents in releasing fibres if disturbed. Then a Priority Assessment is carried out to take into account maintenance activity, human exposure potential, occupant /visitor activity and subsequent likelihood of disturbance. Algorithms are used to score each factor which then results in an overall risk assessment score.

Asbestos (Material)Assessment Algorithms

Each factor is given a score; the value assigned is added to give a score of between 2 and 12. Materials attracting scores of 10 or higher are considered as having a high potential to release fibres and are therefore hazardous. Scores between 7 and 9 are considered as medium potential and scores between 5 and 6 as low. 4 and below offer a minor risk of contamination.



7 to 9


4 to 6



Very low

Asbestos (Priority) Assessment

Factors – location of materials, volume/extent, occupancy, use of area and maintenance profile.


Very High Priority

11 to 15

High Priority

6 to 10

Medium Priority


Low Priority

Examination should always be left to a qualified Asbestos Surveyor!