Asbestos testing for domestic and non-domestic premises

If you discover a material you suspect of containing asbestos on your premises in London or Kent, we provide a comprehensive testing service, operating as per The Control of Asbestos Regulations and the HGS264 (the asbestos surveyors’ guide).

Although testing for asbestos is not a legal requirement for domestic properties, it is the only way of proving its presence and type. This will allow the homeowner to determine whether there is a risk to health, avoid delays with any prospective sale and take appropriate action to minimise any impact identified by the analysis.

Non-domestic properties, however, have a duty of care towards employees, visitors and occupants to prevent exposure to asbestos hazards and must be aware of all ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) on their premises, making testing a necessity. Commercial properties must also keep a record of the results provided to them.

The testing process

As part of our testing service, Alpha Surveys can send samples of suspected ACM taken from a domestic or non-domestic premises across London or Kent to an independent UKAS-accredited laboratory, where they can be broken down in a controlled environment. The testing process and techniques used may vary depending on the sample, but will ultimately identify the presence and nature of any ACM.


Once the sample has been analysed, we will deliver the results to you via email within three working days. If you require further guidance, we can arrange an asbestos management/inspection survey.

Testing can only be carried out by an accredited laboratory and surveyor to meet the necessary requirements, so if you discover a suspected ACM on your premises in London or Kent, contact us today.


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