Uses for Asbestos

Flat/ corrugated sheets, tiles, drainage & rainwater pipes, gutters, flues for boilers and ascots, high pressure water pipes, steam pipes, water tanks, wall ventilators, fire surrounds and moulded products. – typically 10 – 15% Chrysotile.
Wall/ceiling cladding and coverings for structural steelworks. Acoustic & thermal insulation and fire retardant materials – typically 20 – 40% Amosite
Pre formed lagging to boilers & pipework. May be in the form of rope, tapes, felts, blankets, quilts and corrugated papers – up to 90% Chrysotile, Amosite or Crocidolite
Fire protection to structural steelworks, thermal & acoustic insulation and condensation prevention – up to 85% Crocidolite, Amosite or Chrysotile
Used in fire proofing to seal joints and holes – 30 – 80% Chrysotile or Amosite
Used as joint seals in many products and common in electrical components – up to 100% Chrysotile
Fire blankets, clothing, oven gloves, safety curtains and blankets – up to 100% Chrysotile
Artex and other coatings – usually 4% Chrysotile

Examination should always be left to a qualified Asbestos Surveyor!